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Valley Bobcat & Excavating Services is the place to go if you need excavation services. Site clearing, pool excavation, roadways, and much more are among the services provided by our team. We have all of the essential equipment and tools to take on even the most intricate and difficult jobs. For additional details, please contact us right away. We provide professional excavation services for the people of Penticton.

Our Services Include: 

Site clearing

We offer hassle-free site clearing services. You can rely on us to help you with all aspects of the site clearing including:

Removal of vegetation
Removal of rocks
General grading and contouring
An excavator at the site with a structure in the background

Drainage System

If you are constructing a new house and want to install a new drainage system, we have got you covered. Our team can help you with:

Catch Basins
Strip Grates
Rock pits
French drains
Oil separators and septic systems
An excavator at the site

Roof drain

We offer roof drain solutions. You can rely on us to offer:

Drain lines
Rock pits
Perimeter drains
Drain lines
Rock Pits
Several excavation pipes in construction and workers working

Pool Excavation

Wish to add a new pool to your home? We have got you covered. Our team offers pool excavation services. You can rely on us for:

Above ground pool base prep
Inground pools
Swimming pool.

Utilities Excavation

Our team also offers utility excavation. From sewer to electrical lines, we can do it all. Choose us for:

Telecommunication and data
Natural gas
Small excavation machine working at the drainage construction site

Road building

We offer affordable road building solutions. Our team can assist you with:

Access roads to building sites or well heads
Gravel roads
Rural residential roads
Surface after refilling of the excavation ground with an excavation machine

Road Building and Site Clearing

Our staff has the tools and abilities necessary to perform all types of site clearing and road construction projects.

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